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A woman smiling towards the camera and cleansing her face

Pond's Oily Skin Moisturisers

We all know that healthy skin should glow, not shine.
But if you struggle with a skin-type that’s particularly oily, you may find yourself grappling with that undesirable latter.
You see, the sebaceous glands in the skin work to produce natural oils that the skin needs to stay healthy, called sebum. But, if those glands produce more sebum than what the skin surface area actually needs, the diagnosis is overactive sebaceous glands.

The cause for this overactivity in the production of oils, can be caused by a number of factors, like, stress, hormonal imbalances, even pollution - just to name a few.
The right moisturiser, and the proper application of it, will get your shine back to glow in no time.
The Pond’s Institute has developed a range of skin-care products developed just for the oilier skin-type – find your ‘skinspiration below

Top 3 Oily Skin Moisturisers

Here are the top 3 moisturisers by Pond’s, to solve the troubles of oily skin:

1. Lasting Oil Control Toning Lotion

The Pond’s Lasting Oil Control toning Lotion is specially formulated by the Pond’s Institute to effectively remove oil build-up and help prevent the impurities that lead to oily skin.

What’s more, it’s infused with the remarkable natural powers of lemon extract, leaving your skin feeling fresh and invigorated, without that unsightly shine.

2. Lasting Oil Control Vanishing Cream

There’s oily skin, controllable with a good toning lotion like the one above. Then there’s very oily skin. This type will need a little more oil treatment power.

Lasting Oil Control Vanishing Cream from Pond’s is the big guns when it comes to unmatched oil control. It’s finely formulated with micro absorbers that give your skin an instant matte look, and while it does, it reduces oil build-up, using specialised control ingredients.

3. Perfect Colour Complex

The Pond’s Perfect Complex Normal to Oily Beauty Cream can help boost your skin’s natural ability to brighten and look healthy.

Additionally, it’s proven to reduce oiliness, fade away marks, and leave the complexion looking shine-free and naturally radiant.

Which Moisturiser Can I Use For Oily Skin?

When it comes to what to look out for in a moisturiser – particularly when the build-up of oiliness is your specific skin problem – here’s a quick top tip guide:

  • Make sure the moisturiser you choose is lightweight and easily absorbed.
  • Stay away from ingredients like shea butter, linoleic acid, coconut oil and olive oil – the so-called comedogenic additions – as these can block pores.
  • Go for a moisturiser that includes a Sun Protection Factor – or SPF – for even more protection.

For more on the tools of skincare you can use to fight excess oil, and bring back your skin’s natural ability to glow, browse Pond’s extensive range of formulations. – there’s a moisturiser for every type.