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A beautiful woman wiping her face with a cotton pad

Even Skin Tone Tips

Uneven skin tone can affect anyone, at any life stage. But that’s okay, because we're all human, we're all beautiful, and our skin, no matter its condition, is beautiful, too.

If, however, you're looking to bring a little more life, clarity and smoothness to yours, there are a few solutions that you can work into your skincare regime, to bring back a more even tone.

Let’s have a look at some top even skin tone tips, and the world-class Pond’s products you can use to answer the question: ‘what is the best way to get even skin tone?’

How to Maintain an Even Skin Tone

Clean Your Skin

Your skin goes through so much during the day and night, facing a barrage of outside influences, like harsh winds, UV rays and pollutants in the air that cause your skin to react in certain ways, as it works to counter these and protect you. Additionally, your skin’s natural biological processes like oil production, and sweating, happen all the time – they’re vital to skin health and temperature regulation, but they can cause a build-up of dirt and impurities. These then, can all combine in ways to make your skin look less radiant, and uneven.

The first step, and easiest, on the road to even skin tone, is to clean your skin. Whether once or twice a day, work a cleansing routine into your daily regime, and you'll see fast results. Try Pond’s Perfect Colour Complex Anti Marks Face Wash Serum.

It’s a Pond’s ‘fan fave’ that’s clinically proven to remove dirt, while cleansing away oil and a build-up of skin cells. Or try Pond’s Pimple Clear Micellar Water, for uneven skin and redness caused by pimples or spots. It’s a multi-purpose cleaner that removes makeup and refreshes the skin.

Block those Rays

The sun, although the giver of life, can be highly influential in causing the type of damage that brings about certain uneven skin tone symptoms – redness, sunburn and peeling, and not to mention, age spots. Often, we don't realise just how far the sun can reach.

Applying sunscreen every day and whenever you go out into the sun, is one of our most essential tips for uneven skin tone. If you make it part of your routine, and a must have before you set foot out of the door, you'll soon notice a more even looking skin.

Bonus tip: UV rays don't care for seasons and weather, so even if it’s cold and overcast, give your face a healthy dose of SPF.

Wash Away the Old

As we mentioned, your skin undergoes natural biological processes like oil production, for smoother looking skin, and melanin production that helps protect the skin.

With the arrival of the new, must go the old, though – as the skin regenerates with new cells, old cells must fall away, and the build up of these at a microscopic level, can cause the skin to seem significantly more dull and uneven.

Fortunately, in our beauty tips for even skin tone, included is a very simple solution – exfoliation. The weekly use of a good exfoliator on the face will do wonders to slough away the old skin cells that may have built up, to let the new cells shine. And in doing so, help even out your skin. Try the Pond’s Flawless Radiance Even Tone Face Wash – with gentle micro-granules to exfoliate the skin and remove old skin cells, for a skin smoothening effect.

Pay Attention to the Peepers

Your eyes are one of the main features to your beauty. They help you express your moods, your personality, your joy. While doing so, they’re also constantly hard at work, driving your expressions, laughing when you do. And, of course, these days, while you have your mask on the majority of the day, they’re the very focal point of your face. It stands to reason then, that they can sometimes look a little tired, forming lines, wrinkles and dark circles in the skin around them.

Not to worry, though – Pond’s has an elixir that can help even out the skin tone around the eyes, and work to hydrate areas where laugh lines and crow’s feet can appear. The result is clear skin, for more lively, beautiful eyes, once again. Try the Pond’s Flawless Radiance Derma E Hydrating Day Gel SPF 15.

Is your skin looking a little uneven and dull? Pond’s has the solution for you, to treat any of the symptoms that could take the freshness, smoothness and evenness out of your skin. Include them in your routine today and give your skin a new lease on life. For more skin care solutions, browse our comprehensive range now.