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Face care Products for your Skin During the Lockdown

We might be on lockdown as a nation to fight the current pandemic, but that doesn’t mean your skin is on lockdown too. In fact, now that we’re indoors, our skin is protected from environmental factors that could cause damage to it. With the best skin care products and a good routine, your skin can look better than it’s ever been. Here are face care products that are essential to keep your skin on lock during the lockdown period:

Face Scrub

There are plenty of people that only use a face wash daily to cleanse their face. If you’re one of them, our advice is to kick things up a notch. Add a face scrub to your skincare routine because it exfoliates your skin and keeps dead skin cells and germs at bay. We recommend using POND’S Pure Detox Mineral Clay Cleansing Scrub twice a week because it’s formulated with 100% natural origin Moroccan clay which offers 4x more dirt absorption power, bio-minerals and activated charcoal to exfoliate and detox skin.

Face Mask

After washing your face your skin feels clean and refreshed. So, why do you need a face mask? Well, let’s just say that face masks give your skin that extra TLC that it needs. Our wide range of sheet masks are designed to minimise pores, boost your skin’s glow, and combat the signs of aging. For more information on face masks and how to use them, check out these commonly asked face mask questions.

Micellar Water

Micellar water is designed to cleanse and remove excess dirt from the skin and no rinsing is required. It also hydrates, brightens and evens out your skin tone. If you have oily skin and pimples, we recommend using POND’S Pimple Clear Micellar Water because it’s specially designed to reduce pimples and leave your skin with a healthy glow.

To use, apply micellar water to your face and neck with a cotton pad after washing it.


Serums aren’t as popular as everything else on this list, but we reckon they should be. Face serums are a lightweight moisturiser applied to the skin after using a toner or micellar water. They penetrate deep into the skin to target and treat multiple skin imperfections for even-toned, pore-less, and luminous skin. POND'S Flawless Radiance Derma+ Perfecting Serum contains a higher concentration of active ingredients such as Vitamin B3 and Hexyl Resorcinol to deliver derma treatment-like results and flawless skin quality. Once you’ve applied a face serum, wait five minutes to let it set in before applying your face cream.

Face cream

Using a face cream is the finishing touch to your skincare routine, so it’s essential that you use one that is suitable for your skin type. You don’t want to use something too heavy on your skin if it’s oily, and something too light if you have dry skin. Luckily, PONDS has skin care products that are suitable for all skin types.

If you have normal skin then try our Flawless Radiance Mattifying Cream and if your skin is oily then we recommend that you use vanishing cream from our Lasting Oil Control range.

Use these POND’S products to keep your skin looking and feeling amazing!