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5 Ways to wake up with more beautiful skin


You may be asleep, but your skin isn’t. Nighttime is your skin’s opportunity to repair itself. Here’s how you can help it along:

  1. Never go to sleep wearing makeup. It will clog your pores and cause oily build up.
  2. Just because your makeup is off doesn’t mean your face is clean. Use a cleanser to remove dead skin and impurities.
  3. Moisturise, even if you have oily skin. If you want your skin to look nourished when you wake up, you have to feed it before you go to sleep.
  4. Tie your hair back loosely. Keeping it out of your face while sleeping will stop your hair’s natural oils from penetrating your skin.
  5. Anything less than 6 – 8 hours sleep a night affects your skin too. That’s why it’s called beauty sleep.

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