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Here’s the truth about pore strips

Here’s the truth about pore strips

Our disclaimer about those pain-inducing strips…

Pore strips


Skin specialists don’t always agree. But there’s no argument about one thing — there’s nothing fun about blackheads!

While critics claim blackhead-busting pore strips do more harm than good, there are many users who swear by them — making it hard to know which way to turn in your fight for cleaner pores.

But if you follow these tips about incorporating pore strips into your beauty routine, you’ll find them a very powerful weapon in the blackhead battle.

1. Understand How Pore Strips Work

Your pores produce natural oils that moisturize and protect your skin. The problem is, these oils sometimes build up, combining with pore-clogging dead skin cells and bacteria. Your pores push back, trying to force the bacteria out. Pore strips provide a helping hand, lifting out deep-set dirt.

2. Use Pore Strips Right

There aren’t many faster or more affordable ways to get rid of deep-lying skin grime than pore strips. But critics say that overusing pore strips can deplete your skin of natural oils, and the pulling motion can irritate skin further, especially if you have dry or sensitive skin.

We recommend washing your face first to soften skin and open pores. An optional step, if you have time, is to steam your face for about three to five minutes over a bowl of hot water. Steaming is usually done during professional facials before therapists remove blackheads for you. Never tug violently at the strip. If it’s too difficult to remove, wet it and slowly peel off.

Do not use them on areas with pimples, blemishes, sunburned or very dry skin.

3. Don’t Cheat

You shouldn’t use more than three strips a week. Using a strip to get rid of the dirt in your pores should be one of the steps in your routine, not the only one. Follow through regularly with other important blackhead-busting routines. Remove makeup thoroughly, cleanse, exfoliate and use facial masks — and you’ll find yourself well on the way to clearer-looking skin.

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