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Pack light with these 7 travel skincare essentials

Pack light with these 7 travel skincare essentials

Pack light with these 7 travel skincare essentials

Don’t use your travels as an excuse to drop the ball on skincare.

Looking after your skin on the road is no mean feat. Especially so if you have sensitive skin like Korean beauty YouTuber, Liah Yoo.

While the beauty junkie loves a thorough skincare regimen when at home, she’s created a travel routine that’ll take a load off her luggage.

Step 1. Cleansing wipes

Always start by removing your makeup.

Step 2. Cleansing cream

A cleansing cream further dissolves residual makeup, while keeping skin hydrated, firm and supple. Massage the cream to improve blood circulation.

Step 3. Exfoliating pads

Liah recommends textured cotton pads pre-soaked in a toner that contains BHA (beta hydroxyl acid), an ingredient known for exfoliating and removing dead skin cells.

Step 4. Facial mist

A facial mist does double duty as both a toner at the end of the day and a refreshing mist when out and about.

Step 5. Serum

Use one that directly addresses your existing skin concerns — acne, wrinkles, dark spots or pigmentation issues.

Step 6. Moisturizer

We doubt you’ll forget to bring along a skincare essential, but use one which calms the skin to reduce redness and inflammation.

Step 7. Sheet masks

Sheet masks are perfect for the airplane ride, where cabin air dehydrates skin, causing it to crack easily. Don’t be ashamed to “rock that ghost face”, Liah says, even if others may stare.

As a final note, try all new products on your skin before you leave the country. You never know how your skin will react to new products in a new climate and environment.