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Start your day right with these essential skincare steps

Beauty blogger Jyoti Singh shares five easy steps for better mornings.

Mornings can be a mad rush to be punctual to work or school. But we still want to look our best before we step out of our homes. Instead of rushing through our skincare regimen and piling on makeup, spend your time on these easy steps instead, and skin will look prepped and ready even without any makeup on.

1. Remove residual eye makeup

Even though you may have cleansed the night before, some eye makeup, especially eyeliner, can be particularly stubborn. A second cleanse with a makeup removal wipe or oil may be necessary.

2. Level up your arsenal with a face spa kit

Rotating or vibrating cleansing brushes are all the rage, and promise to give you a deeper cleanse than just using your hands.

3.  Moisturize with a gel-based face cream

A gel-based face cream has a lightweight texture, which penetrates skin well without leaving a sticky feel on the face. Choose one with SPF to protect against UV rays before you head out. Tip: don’t forget to apply the cream onto your neck as well.

4. Apply an eye cream — yes even in the morning

With your ring (fourth) fingers, apply below and on the sides of eyes, to help fade marks around the eyes.

5. Lip balm

Here’s something you might’ve forgotten: your lips. Massage lip balm onto lips to stimulate blood circulation and keep them well hydrated. There’s no point having a flawless face with chapped lips.

With these five simple steps, your skin is protected and ready without the need for makeup. If you plan to stay outdoors for long periods, bring along a tube of sunscreen for added protection and reapply it every hour you’re in the sun.