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5 things Korean skincare pros say you should never do

Five tips for glowing skin

5 things Korean skincare pros say you should never do

Get K-drama-worthy skin by avoiding these beauty no-nos 

With some of the world’s best skincare products like sheet masks and snail creams, and raved-about practices such as the 10-step beauty routine, South Korea has made a big mark on the cosmetics industry. For a younger, more vibrant complexion, take the advice of Korean skincare experts and avoid these K-beauty rookie mistakes.

1. Using bleaching products instead of skin brightening products

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Sun exposure, stress and pollution can leave our skin looking dull. There are many brightening or whitening products on the market that aim to correct skin concerns such as freckles, sun spots and acne scars, but some utilize harsh bleaching agents, like mercury, which are toxic and have negative side effects, like psychiatric or kidney problems. So, if you’re looking to even out your skin tone, be sure to select skin brightening ingredients, like niacinimide and 12-HSA that help to gently break down melanin clusters and allow the skin to renew itself.

2. Storing your products incorrectly

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It may be convenient to keep your skincare products in your shower, or on your vanity near your bedroom window. But direct sunlight exposure and temperature variations can reduce a product’s potency. Therefore, it’s best to store your serums, toners and creams in cool, dry areas such as a cabinet or a drawer.

3. Forgetting a pre-cleansing routine 

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Perhaps the most important part of the Korean skincare routine involves the ever-popular “double cleanse”. This is a process that involves a deep cleanse preceded by a pre-cleanse to rinse away dirt, make-up and other impurities and prep the skin for subsequent treatments. To properly pre-cleanse, use a make-up remover or towelette to rid your skin of any liner, mascara or lipstick. Next, loosen foundation and buildup from the day with an oil-based cleanser before washing over it with a foaming cleanser.

4. Rubbing your skin 

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When applying skincare products, do you rub them over your face? If so, stop right now! Your complexion is sensitive and rubbing isn’t doing your face any favors! Instead, use your fingers to distribute product on your face, then gently press and tap it across the skin. Not only does this help absorption, but it also promotes circulation.

5. Applying out of order

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Your beauty arsenal may be chock full of the very best products, but to ensure they reach their full potential, they must be applied in the correct order. As a general rule of thumb, you should apply products from lightest to heaviest to ensure they are each absorbed properly. Use your toner before your serum, for instance, followed by your moisturizer.