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Five tips for glowing skin

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One product doesn’t fit all when it comes to skincare

One product doesn’t fit all when it comes to skincare

Why isn’t my friend’s trusty facial product working for me?

Ever purchased a product that all your friends have been raving about but see no improvements in your skin, even months later? You’re not alone! We often forget that not everyone leads the same lifestyle, has the same skin type, or lives in the same environment. Here are some things to consider before deciding whether that highly-rated product is the one for you.

Know your skin

To know what your skin needs, you first need to know your skin type. Using products that are not suitable for your skin may not only fail to make it better, but may even damage it. Someone who swears by a clay-based mask probably has oily skin. But someone with normal-dry skin would not benefit from it and could make skin drier. Instead, use something more nourishing like a vitamin E mask.

Consider your age

A staple in your mum’s skincare routine doesn’t necessarily have to be a part of yours too. Using overly rich, anti-aging products before your skin needs them introduces it to unnecessary ingredients that could lead to unwanted results — including breakouts.

Look at specific ingredients

Remember to turn the bottle around and check the ingredients label on your products. A facewash with benzoyl peroxide, an ingredient that dries out acne and is good for acne-prone skin, can make dry skin even drier.

Look at the environment and your lifestyle

Everyone’s complexion varies and changes all the time. A product that works well in a temperate country may not be suitable in a tropical country. Similarly, a product that works well for an athlete who’s always outdoors, may not be effective for someone who sits in an air-conditioned office all day.

Oops, I’ve already purchased it. How do I know if it’s working for me?

One way to find out is to patch-test your products first. Apply the product on a small area of skin twice a day and if your skin doesn’t rebel, it’s probably safe to add the product to your facial routine. Be patient as it may take weeks or even months to know if a product is working, but any signs of pain or irritation is an immediate warning that the product isn’t working the way it should.