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Your diet could be wrecking your skin tone

Your diet could be wrecking your skin 

Time to rethink what’s on your plate.

The food you eat matters as much to your skin as it does to your waistline. If your average diet is high-fat, high-glycemic and high-sugar, you shouldn’t be surprised if your skin isn’t looking its best.

What do you mean?

What you put on your plate has a direct impact on your skin. For example, diets high in the sugars found in processed and junk food may increase inflammation in your pores, which eventually leads to an increased risk of acne. It may also affect your skin’s ability to retain moisture, which lends itself to weaker, duller-looking skin and unwanted dark circles, all of which keeps you from attaining that brighter and smoother tone.

A high fat diet has the same effect. Of course, not all fats are made equal. There are certain healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids which are found in fish that plump, smoothen and strengthen skin. However, trans fats, which are found in high-fat dairy foods and fatty cuts of red meat may promote inflammation in the skin. Too much of this inflammation can become chronic, and lead to redness and acne.

That’s why we recommend every junk foodie’s worst nightmare: more fruits and veggies.