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Frequently Asked Questions

• POND’S® was founded in 1846 in NYC by Theron T. Pond and has since been at the forefront of science and innovation in skincare. 

• With its 170 years of history, Pond's is the oldest face care brand in existence today.

• POND’S® is available in 46 countries.

• POND’S® parent company, Unilever, is globally headquartered in London.

• The Pond’s Institute is a leading expert in advanced skincare research and diagnostics employing over 700 scientists working on more than 200 patents. 

• More than a physical space, The Pond’s Institute is a network of skincare experts based in the United States, United Kingdom, China, India and the Netherlands.

• No. POND’S® uses science, not animals to ensure that our products are safe, and we don't believe that animal testing is necessary to assure safety.

Since the 1980s, our parent company, Unilever has been developing and using alternatives to animal testing, such as computer modelling and cell culture-based experiments, to assess product safety. Unilever regularly presents and publishes its work, and continually collaborates with others to share its knowledge and apply exciting new science.

Find out more by visiting Unilever's website: Alternatives to Animal Testing

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