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A woman pouring toner onto a cotton pad

How and When to Use Skin Toners for Even Tone Skin

Your skin is a sensitive organ that can sometimes lose its lustre in a day. Traces of dirt and grime, and impurities that block pores can lead to dullness, and some environmental influences like pollution or too much sun, don't help.

Adding a toner to your daily skincare regime will do a lot to restore your skin’s appearance. Pond’s has a comprehensive range of toners, all infused with ingredients like nourishing Vitamin B3, to help get your skin back to that natural glow.

Browse our products below – we have the skin toner for you.

Causes of Uneven Skin Tone Explained

What causes uneven skin tone?

There are a few factors that can cause the effect of uneven tone. These could include damage from pimples or hormonal influence. The most common, though, are those that come externally, as you're going about your day-to-day:

Sun Exposure

The sun’s rays, although life-giving, can be overly harsh on your skin with repeated exposure, and can cause hyperpigmentation or dullness – occurring when the skin tries to protect you from the UV light.


Pollution in the air can cause some reactions in the skin that lead to dryness and dullness.

No need to worry, though. Pond’s range of toners can restore your skin’s natural defences against these elements by tightening your pores and helping to restore your skin’s pH.

How do skin toners work?

Toner skin care works to tighten and cleanse pores, and the Pond’s range of toners are each developed to help to remove oil build-up, to leave the skin supple and even toned. And daily application will make sure your skin is feeling fresh and invigorated.

Skincare Toner Products To Use

No need to stress any longer about the outside influences to your skin that you can't control. We have the defences for you, to help you protect your skin, and to help get it back to its natural radiance.

Pond’s Perfect Colour Complex

Pond’s Perfect Colour Complex cleanses away oil, dirt and dead skin cells to reveal your natural colour.

Pond’s Lasting Oil Control

Pond’s Lasting Oil Control helps to remove oil build-up and impurities that can lead to oily skin. What’s more, Lasting Oil Control is enriched with lemon extract, to leave your skin feeling fresh.

Flawless Radiance

Flawless Radiance formulated with GenActiv TM, which unclogs and refines pores, and prepares the skin for moisturising.

How Often Should I Apply a Skin Toner?

Skin toner can be applied daily. However, remember to read the label, and make sure your skin can handle that specific toner formulation.

With our toners, you can step out and face the elements with ease – confident in the knowledge that Pond’s specially formulated toners are helping to protect your skin and keep it naturally dazzling.

Browse our full range of toners below, and take your first step back to healthier skin, and a refreshed look.