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Food for thought


What you eat is just as important to your skin as biological, genetic and environmental factors. Keep your fridge and your body stocked up with these healthy food options and you will be well on your way to radiant and younger looking skin.

Healthy foods are an amazing aid to natural skin care. Fresh and nutritious meal choices along with a great skin care regime can transform a dull complexion into a radiant and beautiful face.

There’s never been a better time to start incorporating loads of these foods into your family’s diet.


These crunchy nuts are packed with vitamin E, which blocks free radicals. This aids in slowing down the ageing process and also promotes new cell growth and cell regeneration. To help control your salt intake, consider opting for the unsalted options.


Cocoa has substantial oxygenation properties which enhance circulation. Good circulation promises a brighter complexion and packs a rejuvenating punch for your skin.


Let’s not walk on eggshells and say it as it is! These oval wonder foods contain numerous vital nutrients that can help to protect us from skin damage like lines and sunspots. That’s “egg-sactly” what we need!

Olive oil

Rich in essential monounsaturated fatty acids, olive oil helps the skin resist sun damage. In addition to its numerous other bonus benefits, the acids also help skin cells to retain moisture.


These beans are one of the richest sources of isoflavones and every effort should, therefore, be made to include them in your diet. Isoflavones are responsible for brightening complexion, decreasing redness and improving the overall tone of the skin.


Think of them as glorious, heart-shaped, ruby chunks of vitamin C. They improve the production of collagen to keep skin smooth and firm. They also happen to be absolutely delicious, so I am sure there won’t be any complaints about adding this to your trolley!


These little brain-shaped delights are loaded with alpha-linolenic acid, an omega 3 fatty acid that is a crucial component in the lubricating layer that keeps skin moist and flexible.

Whole grains

Antioxidants rid the body of free radicals. Whole grain breads and cereals contain heaps of these fighter nutrients that help to keep our skin looking youthful.

While it is great to nourish yourself from within, why not give your skin a super boost by treating it to quality, trusted skin care products. If you listen carefully, you may even hear it whispering a heartfelt thank you for taking such good care of it…