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Preparing your skin for the ultimate daily glow

Preparing your skin for the ultimate daily glow

Every skin is different and your skincare regime should be based on what your skin needs, however, there are a few universal ‘languages’ for skin. Preparing your skin for makeup will not only ensure an even application for the perfect glow, but it will also protect your skin from environmental damage. Taking the time to prepare your skin will give your skin a chance to repair and protect itself from factors which cause damage. There are three phases to priming your skin for the perfect glowing complexion.

Phase 1: Cleanse your skin.

Keeping your skin clean before you apply makeup will support your skin and prevent blockages in your pores from dirt and natural oils. A good thing to note when cleansing is that you should try to be gentle when washing your face so as not to cause irritation or discomfort. Make sure to rinse your skin thoroughly from any residual product. Don’t wipe skin dry but rather pat it dry gently. Your skin type will determine the first step in your routine, therefore, you should select your cleanser based on its type.

Dry skin- If your skin tends to be dry use a cream cleanser to wash your face. This will help to put moisture into your skin while washing off impurities.

Oily skin – If your skin is oily try a cleansing facial foam. This will help for oil control and make sure dirt on your skin is removed without irritating your skin’s natural balance.

Combination – If your skin is a combination of oily, dry and normal a special formula for combination skin is recommended. This will work to combat all three types of skin without upsetting the balance.

You should also gently tone and exfoliate your skin before you move on to the moisturising phase of your skin prep. This will help to remove dead skin cells and shrink pores that have been opened by your cleanser.


Phase 2: Apply moisturiser

Choose the right moisturiser for your skin type. Make sure to use a lighter cream if you are prone to breakouts and a richer cream if you are prone to dry skin. Allow the moisturiser to be absorbed by your skin before you begin the next phase of your skin regime.

Phase 3: Prime

You should always apply a sun protectant to your skin. Often your moisturiser or BB cream will contain a sun screen which will reduce sun spots and dark marks. A BB cream is also a great skin primer as it provides an even surface on which to apply the rest of your makeup. Remember to dab rather than rub your primer so as not to aggravate or overwork your skin.

Finally, if you want to put makeup on you can proceed with your makeup regime as normal now that your skin is prepared and primed.

Keeping a good preparation routine for your skin will ensure your skin looks and feels healthy and glowing, so that your skin looks great with or without makeup.