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A Guide to A Skincare Routine for Uneven Skin Tone

Uneven skin tone is a very common problem - it can affect anyone, at any time. And because of its commonness, a lot has been done in the realm of skincare, to understand this problem, the different ways it may manifest, and the corresponding solutions that can help reduce its appearance.

If you're experiencing uneven skin tone, the first step is to identify its type – there are a number of characteristics that fall under the umbrella term of ‘uneven.’ Let’s detail some of those here, and the possible ways to bring your skin closer to a more even tone.

Types of Uneven Skin Tone

Sun Exposure - Hyperpigmentation

A very well-known cause of uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation happens when the skin, after exposure to the sun’s UV rays, starts to overproduce melanin – the natural pigment that gives skin its tone.

This is done as the skin reacts to protect itself from those rays.


Sunburn is skin that feels hot and sore to the touch. It happens after overexposure to the sun. Too much sun can cause blood vessels to weaken and dilate, giving the skin an uneven tone.

Excess Oil

Excess oil is a genetic condition that manifests as the excessive production of oil in the skin. This overproduction of oil can clog the pores and cause pimples, leaving marks on the skin that can give the appearance of unevenness.

Taking care of Uneven Skin Tone?

If you're experiencing any of these forms of uneven skin tone, there are ways to endeavour to bring your skin back to a more even look and feel.It all starts with a good skincare routine.

At Pond’s we've put together a step-by-step uneven skin tone skincare routine for you to try. It’s quick, and with consistency, it can bring satisfactory results.

Step-By-Step Uneven Skin Tone Skincare Routine

1. Cleanse

The first step in a routine is to clean your skin. The face is subjected to so much in a day, and can accumulate a build-up of sweat, old skin cells and impurities. Using a good cleanser will essentially wash away this dullness-causing dirt. Start with a pre-cleanse. Use Pond’s Pimple Clear Micellar Water, to remove make-up and impurities and refresh the skin.

Then, cleanse away. Try Pond’s Pure Detox Mineral Clay Cleansing Scrub – With a pure Moroccan clay and activated charcoal formulation, this cleansing scrub will help to detox the skin and prepare it for the next step in the routine.

2. Tone

A toner is your next defence against the build-up of oil and impurities that lead to pimples, and unevenness of the skin. A toner effectively tightens pores, and leaves the skin invigorated and naturally radiant. Soak a cotton pad in Pond’s Perfect Colour Complex Toning Lotion. Gently, wipe the pad over all exposed areas of your face and neck.

3. Serum

A good serum can help restore the skin and set it up to start repairing itself in the areas that have been affected by the sun’s UV light, or other environmental influences, like harsh winds or cold weather. Try New Pond’s Flawless Radiance Derma + Perfecting Serum – it’s formulated to target multiple uneven skin tone problems, for flawlessly radiant skin. Furthermore, it’s been clinically proven to do so in 7 days.

4. Moisturiser

The next step is to moisturise. Moisturisation daily, ensures essential hydration is being put back into the skin. This not only gives the skin a smoother, more supple look and feel, but it helps to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone. Try Pond’s Perfect Colour Complex – it’s formulated to bring the skin back to evenness, to leave it feeling soft and supple.

5. Sunscreen

The last step in the routine, and before you face the day, is to apply sun protection. The sun, as mentioned, is one of the main culprits, when it comes to uneven skin tone. And because we’re often in the sun for more time in the day than we realise, achieving a more even tone can only be done with a good sunscreen thrown into the mix.

Try Pond’s Flawless Radiance Derma+ Mattifying Day Cream SPF 15 – a day cream that’s inspired by derma treatments and formulated to help moisturise skin and tighten pores. What’s more, its sun protection factor (SPF) will help protect the skin from the sun’s UV light. It’s a day cream that’s clinically proven to help even-out skin tone in 7 days, with regular application.

The Pond’s Institute range of solutions are each a step in a skincare routine for more even skin tone, formulated to bring your skin back to looking and feeling healthy and supple. Like we said, it’s all in that routine, so make it a part of your day, and take those first steps towards a more luminous skin. Visit Pond’s full Flawless Radiance range of skincare solutions.