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Going On A Trip? These Beauty Tips Will Keep Your Skin Radiant And Fresh

Arrive at your destination looking fresh with a few must-have travel essentials

Traveling is the best. Who doesn’t love discovering new cities, or visiting old friends and family back at home? However, the hours spent in a plane, train or car can take a toll on the radiant skin you once had before your journey began. Take note of these travel-friendly beauty tips that will leave you with beautiful skin and glamorous hair, even after a long trip.



When you’re traveling, it’s not always easy to find a nice sink to wash your face. In fact, being able to freshen up feels like a luxury. So make sure to keep a few POND’S® Original Fresh MoistureCleanTM Towelettes with Cold Cream Technology in your bag. Made with Vitamin E, they remove all make-up while leaving your skin soft and smooth. These towelettes will come in handy and afford you the luxury of refreshed and clean/make-up free skin after hours of travel.



The worst part about long trips, especially if you’re traveling on a plane, is dry skin. Good thing this problem’s easy to fix. To get back your beautiful skin, just pop a small container of hydrating lotion in your bag like POND’S® Crema S or POND’s®Rejuveness and apply as needed (make sure it’s 3.4 ounces or less if you’re going on an airplane). Both lotions are available in 1.75-ounce containers so that it’s easy to look radiant before, during and even after your trip.



No, you haven’t had too many salted peanuts. Swelling is a common symptom of a long trip, especially the appearance of bags under your eyes. To reduce puffiness and swelling, try putting some ice cubes in a napkin and apply them over your eyes. The cold may help stimulate circulation and relax blood vessels, which automatically reduces swelling for a more restful look.



The general rule when traveling is to simplify your beauty routine. But how do you do that and still look your best? Keep some rubber bands and bobby pins in your bag so you can braid your hair or put it up in a ponytail. These hairstyles help keep your hair from tangling or getting flat, for a sleeker and polished look when you arrive.

Together with these beauty tips and an awesome pair of sunglasses, you’ll arrive at your destination looking super relaxed and glamorous, just like a Hollywood starlet. Bon voyage!