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Winter skin care tips

Skin Protection 101: Moisturizer with SPF to avoid sun damage

Discover THE 2 in 1 product to protect your skin against sun damage

Take a look at your skin for a minute. What do you see? If you’re like most of us, you’ll probably see a wrinkle or two, a few brown spots, or dry skin from time to time. These are just some of the many signs of sun damaged skin. But, what causes it? How can you prevent sun damage on your face? We’ll tell you, so you can repair and rewind with these easy steps.

So, what causes sun damaged skin?
The skin uses sunlight to help produce vitamin D, but how much is too much? Well, as many may already know the sun's ultraviolet rays can burn the skin, and over time, this could reduce its elasticity and cause the skin to age prematurely.

And the million dollar question... Can you repair (and reverse) sun damaged skin?

Although not completely, yes you may repair sun damaged skin. And since sun damage accumulates over time, it's never too late to start a sun protection beauty regimen:


The daily use of SPF is key. SPF is not only for sunny summer days, but it should also be used year round. By blocking off sun exposure, the skin can work on healing, and with time, this may help repair the existing damage. An easy solution is using POND'S® Clarant Even Skin Tone Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 every day. This moisturizer, infused with Vitamin B3, an ingredient known to reduce the appearance of skin discoloration, helps maintain an even skin tone while protecting your skin from the sun rays.

2.  Exfoliate the rays away

Exfoliating should be your next step, if it isn’t already. It helps your skin get rid of those dead skin cells that can make it appear blotchy and uneven. To exfoliate, start by washing your face with your regular cleanser. Then, take your face scrub and gently massage the product onto the skin, usually from 30 seconds to a full minute.

Then, rinse off with warm water and gently pat your skin with a clean towel. Remember that it is recommended to exofliate from 1 to 3 days a week, as too much of it can be harsh on your skin. Now … Sun damage who?

3.  Hydrate + Rejuvenate

Keeping your skin hydrated is one of the main things you can do to reverse sun damage. Plump your skin back up with POND'S® Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30, that not only moisturizes your skin, but gives your skin the SPF it needs while reducing wrinkles.

This daily moisturizer is formulated with Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHAs), which is known to gently remove dull surface skin cells and smooth fine lines, and also collagen, which is a fiber known to support skin firmness and elasticity.

SPF protection, great moisture, and anti-wrinkle power all in one. So don’t shy away from applying at least twice a day!

Protecting your skin against the sun’s harsh rays has never been never this easy and effective. In one simple step, you moisturize AND protect your skin when you use a face moisturizer with SPF. So now, you don’t have an excuse: radiant skin is at the tip of your fingers.

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