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Your skin is always losing essential moisture, which evaporates even faster in dry and cold air. POND’S moisturizing solutions are formulated with ingredients and enriched nutrients that not only protect your skin’s moisture but leave it soft, even, and beautiful.

Ponds moisturizing

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  • ponds-triple-vitamin-lotion

    Moisturising Lotion

    Enriched with Triple Vitamin (Vitamins B3, E & C), renewes damage skin cells from withing and gives 3x moisturisation.
  • ponds-honey-and-almond-milk-lotion

    Moisturising Lotion

    Soft and smooth skin with goodness of honey.
  • ponds-cold-cream

    Cold Cream

    Instantly feel soft, smooth skin as our perfect blend of 10 skin nutrients and moisturisers works deep inside^ to banish rough, dry, stretchy skin. (^within epidermis)